About Us

Our Mission:

Igniting life long learning through strength of character and a love for God.

our goal:

Create an environment where our children are given a platform to achieve their academic goals, while incorporating character building and spiritual growth opportunities and utilizing their God-given gifts, talents, and learning styles.

our philosophy:

Ignite Homeschool Co-op is a homeschool cooperative that offers classes for Elementary through High School students. Ignite meets each Tuesday and Thursday from late August to early May.

We take the best components of a classroom setting and merge it with the homeschool learning environment to create a hybrid of both worlds where you have a teacher facilitated class twice a week with at-home parent reinforcement and instruction for the rest of the week.

Many times families that choose home education feel other school systems aren’t meeting all the needs of their children; whether academically, socially, or spiritually. Home education allows us to naturally emphasize our children's strengths and tailor teach to match our children's learning style. At Ignite, we incorporate different, overlapping educational philosophies that afford us the opportunity to custom tailor an environment that assists in facilitating a passion for lifelong learning. Ignite helps students and families achieve their educational goals, while also incorporating opportunities to point our children’s hearts and minds towards God.