At Ignite, our elementary program offers instruction in literature, social studies, science, and two enrichment classes that change from year to year.  

The elementary program is offered as a whole and not as individual classes and meets each Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15 am-2:15 pm. 

Subjects covered

Teacher: Katie Cain

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Teacher: Christel Price

Grade Level:                  1st

Teacher: Heather Grimm

Grade Level:          1st/2nd


Weslee Anderson

Grade Level:         2nd/3rd


Jenna Daniel

Grade Level:          3rd/4th


Denean Garcia

Grade Level:          4th/5th


Which class will my child be placed in?


At Ignite, we understand one of the most difficult question homeschoolers are asked is "What grade are you in?".  We understand that each child learns at their own pace.  We work with the parent and look at each individual child's abilities to help determine which classroom is the best fit for their child.  During the registration process, you will complete a brief questionnaire that will help us determine which classroom will be the best fit for your child.