Our Team

We are in the process of updating our team information with our teachers for the 2022-2023 school year.

Elementary Team

Katie Cain - Kindergarten

Christel Price - 1st Grade

Heather Grimm - 2nd Grade

Denean Garcia - 3rd/4th Grade

Hollyn Barnett - 4th/5th Grade

Stefanie Morgan - Music

Middle School & High School Team

Megan McGowan - Social Studies

Meribeth Strickland - HS Science

Rachel Groesser - MS Literature/Composition

Amber Francis - HS Literature/Composition

Joshua Price - HS Math

Stefanie Morgan - Music

Ignite Staff

Beth Bartlett - Director

Beth manages all of our day to day operations at Ignite. She wears many hats at Ignite Homeschool Co-op and you will frequently see her around the facility ensuring that our facility continues to run smoothly.

Meribeth Strickland - Adminstrative Assistant

Meribeth assists Beth with various office duties including accounts website maintenance, maintaining co-op paperwork such as syllabi, calendars, and registration forms.

Ashley Chrisfield - Nursery Lead

Ashley will be joining us as our Nursery Teacher for 2022-2023. Ashley ensures that our teachers and volunteers have a safe place for their children to play and learn while their parents are serving the co-op.